Mekka educators

All Mekka educators are selected personally by Kathy Simon. Are chosen for their cutting and/or coloring abilities, creative vision and skills as communicators. Our educators:

  • Understand the fundamental principal that underlies and unifies the Mekka system.
  • Are able to teach the Mekka system from its most fundamental level and develop creatively from this base.
  • Are dedicated to continuous creative and professional development.
  • Are Mekka accredited. This requires a minimum of 30 days of Mekka educator training.
  • Are required to participate in our yearly Educator Training Seminar to maintain their technical standards, develop creatively, work on presentation skills and help mentor new members.
  • Understand the fundamental principal that underlies and unifies the Mekka system.

A Mekka accredited educator becomes a Master educator when they can demonstrate an innate and profound understanding of the system, an incredible ability to teach the system and superb creative talent.

All Mekka Educator Seminars are taught by Kathy Simon

Kathy Simon

Artistic & Education Director for Mekka Founder and developer of the Mekka System of Education

Creative director for HUEsee

Kathy has been in the hair industry for almost 30 years. She is the creator and developer of the Mekka System of Education. Since 1997, her system has impacted the lives of hundreds of hair professionals and has helped students raise their professional and technical standards. Kathy is the owner and the Artistic director of the Mekka Education Studio established in June 2013, where she teaches the various Mekka programs to students visiting from across North America.

She also leads and develops the Mekka Artist team who all travels to promote the Mekka system throughout North America at countless seminars and shows.

Kathy began her career in Montreal, Canada in 1986; worked as a Stylist and Educator for Vidal Sassoon in London, England; as Artistic Director and Educator for Suki’s Academy in Vancouver, Canada during which she was also an active member of the Joico North American Artistic team. From 2000 to 2003 was based in Chicago, USA, working as an independent educator for Mekka teaching in hundreds of salons across North America. In 2004, after 15 years on the road, she returned to Montreal.

Member of the Schwarzkopf USA team since 1999 and Schwarzkopf Canada since 2004, she was until 2017 the Canadian Essential Looks Artistic director for Schwarzkopf professional, responsible for training the Canadian Essential Looks teams. She was invited to numerous presentations across North America and internationally to present Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks collections.

Starting November 2017, Kathy Simon was the Global Artistic Director for Neuma Beauty until December 2020. She is currently the creative director for HUEsee.

Kathy is internationally recognized for her inspiring teaching style and her unique artistic vision and structural philosophy that has been proven and acclaimed at countless seminars, classes and shows.

Elite Master Hairdresser, Contessa Awards 2017, Canada

Québec's session hairstylist, Contessa award 2023
Québec's stylist of the year, Contessa award 2022
Session's stylist of the year, Contessa award 2022
Québec's stylist of the year, Contessa award 2021
Québec's best hair artist, Contessa award 2020
Canadian Hairdresser of the year, Contessa awards 2017, Canada
Best Video look book, AIPP awards 2017, International
Best Video look book, Canadian Mirror Awards 2014, Canada

Jean-Sébastien Lacombe

Mekka master educator

Coming from Northern Quebec, with over 20 years in the industry as a stylist and salon owner, as well as over 15 years as a North American platform artist, Jean-Sébastien brings a fresh and structured education to hairstylists.

His experience as a Master Educator with Mekka System gives him the ability to understand and explain every cutting and styling pattern to it’s most precise execution, in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Attending his seminars will not only bring you an understanding of the geometric laws of structural haircutting and styling, but also give you many tips and tricks for quick blow outs and up stylings for everyday use behind your chair.

Vanessa Boily

Junior educator

Vanessa is the newest addition to the mekka team! She has over 12 years experience as a hair stylist and makeup artist and has worked in salons as well as worked on location for shows, photo shoots and events in Montreal as well as abroad.

Her dream is to continue as an artist in education, forever learning and growing and sharing her knowledge with future students and clients.