What is the Mekka system?

The Mekka System of Education is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching the art and science of structural hair design. Incorporating an understanding of the timeless principles of geometry with the knowledge of how to apply these principles, the Mekka System teaches artists how to design and create haircuts and color placements that work with the unique architecture of an individual’s head shape.

The Mekka System philosophy is based upon the understanding that hair design is at once an art, a craft and a science. It teaches you principles of geometry and structural design that have been followed by artists, designers and architects throughout the centuries. Our philosophy emphasizes on the balanced integration of form and function, the technical and the creative, and universal principles and innovation. A sort of holistic system allowing the creativity of the artist to flourish and be expressed.

Our programs

Take a look at our annual classes and trainings, and find the perfect fit for your needs. All our classes are limited to 8 students, so make sure to visit our calendar for upcoming dates, and secure your spot in our shop section.

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Become a model

We're always on the lookout for new models, visit this page to learn more.

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Next classes

Private Coaching with Kathy Simon

Come train privately with Kathy Simon for one, two or three days and work intensively on the aspect you want to improve

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Mekka Essentials

Our Mekka essentials program focuses on teaching you cutting and styling techniques that are the mainstay of your salon work, all while getting initiated to the Mekka system.

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ALL ABOUT : Layering long hair

This class will demystify long hair layering and showcase multiple ways of approaching it.

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The bob. Is there none more famous and timeless then a beautifully executed bob? From mid-cheek length to just above the shoulder, Join us while we study the bob in all its facets

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Visit our portfolio

Take a look at the work of Kathy Simon and the Mekka Team. In our portfolio, you’ll find multiple photoshoots and videoshoots we create each year, some of which have been nominated and won, for major international hair awards such as Mirror, Contessa, and NAHA.

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So awesome ! Always leave your class feeling inspired. Thank you so much for your time and patience.

Jade St-Laurent | Ottawa

Thank you does not begin to describe my appreciation to your contribution and influence on my career.

Omar Sleman | Velvet Style | Calgary, AB

Thanks for kicking my ass… One again! You sir do inspiring. Makes me rethink all the possible things ahead of my career. Cant’ wait to do another class with you.

Serena ma | Velvet Style | Calgary, AB

Thank you so much for impacting my life in more ways than just hair cutting. My new family!

Alfred Shorter | Michigan

Thank you for everything, this has been the most amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you Kathy for pushing me to the next level. I am grateful for your passion and knowledge.

Tori McCorminck | Burlington, Ontario | Tori Hearts Hair

Mekka was such an eye opener! It made everything make sense to me. I now understand what I have been missing. I cannot wait to continue my journey with the Mekka System.

Hailey Ervin | Okotoks Ab.| Cactus Club Salon and Spa

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