Advanced Fundamentals

This program revisits the more technical haircut patterns in our fundamentals series. A 3 day class geared at working and mastering our more challenging shapes.


Review and practice of our revolve patterns
Review and practice of our horizontal squares and circular pattern
Review and practice of our travelling pivots patterns

Group discussion
Live model demonstration
Hands on workshop
Prerequisites: 5 days of Mekka education

Duration: 3 day program

Amount of students : 8 students max.

Fee: $750.00 + taxes

3 days
Number of students:
Kathy Simon
Sunday, September 8, 2019
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
10 to 5

All programs

Private focus

A private focus-type program. A class created for Mekka students wanting to work privately with Kathy Simon and aimed at working with each student independently based on their own personal Mekka needs.

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Salon contemporary

This class will present different Salon Contemporary styles that are modern and wearable, created by using multiple fundamental cutting patterns that are adapted and modified to suit your creative needs. Based on the advanced fundamentals program.

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Modern classics

This program will focus on the Mekka system’s fundamental patterns and adapts them to create modern salon work. All done in various lengths, textures and styles, using a Simple yet effective system: The Mekka system.

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Advanced Fundamentals

Are you looking to master intricate technical shapes and learn how to control graduation with more ease and accuracy ?

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Immersion Program

Three amazing weeks of Mekka education with Kathy Simon herself! After a successful sold-out first edition, our immersion program is now back! And it is the BEST way to fully learn and assimilate the Mekka System.

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Men's program

Men's haircutting can be easily controlled by learning which technique works best on each client & which tool will help you achieve your goal.

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Color placement

This class will take you on a journey from classic color and foil applications to creative free hand techniques. Based on the fundamentals of the Mekka System, you will apply pattern compositions to design thoughtful color placements.

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Presenting an array of timeless shapes, contemporary styles and creative concepts all based on simple geometry and design principals. This program is designed to preview every aspect of the Mekka System, from the fundamentals to the contemporary pattern compositions. This is a perfect introduction to Mekka education and a great refresher program for returning Mekka students.

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The Fundamentals

An initiation to a fresh new vision. Presenting the fundamental laws of geometry and design applied to structural haircutting. A challenging and mind opening class, for any artist, new in the industry to senior stylists, wanting a fresh new way to understand the art of Haircutting.

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