The creatives

This program is created for both artistic and technicaldevelopment resulting in bold and creative impressionistic work, throughblending of Mekka fundamental shapes and various freehand applications andwell-placed disconnections.  This class is perfect for those familiar withthe Mekka system and wanting to push their creative cutting and finishingskills.



-       What is considered creative?

-       How to develop a concept and transferring itinto a cutting and color structure that is unique and original

-       How to develop your own collection of looksbased on that concept

-       How to adapt creative work into day-to-daysalon work

Method: demonstrations, hands-on practical work and group discussions.

Recommended for Educators & Artistic Directors looking to elevate their show , platform work and creative salon stylist wanting to push their creative understanding of the Art of haircutting


with mannequin heads : $960+tx

bring your own mannequin heads: $705+tx


Number of students: 8 students max



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◇◇◇ Refunds/Cancellations: Full refunds will be issued if class is cancelled. Any cancellations by registrants must be received 14 days prior to start date or no refund will be issued. Deposit is transferable to future Mekka programs.

3 days
with mannequin heads: $960+tx | bring your own mannequin heads: $705$
Studio Mekka
Number of students:
8 max
Kathy Simon
10am to 5pm

All programs

Intro to Mekka

Presenting an array of timeless shapes, contemporary styles and creative concepts all based on simple geometry and design principals. This program is designed to preview every aspect of the Mekka System, from the fundamentals to the contemporary pattern compositions. This is a perfect introduction to Mekka education and a great refresher program for returning Mekka students.

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The Fundamentals

An initiation to a fresh new vision. Presenting the fundamental laws of geometry and design applied to structural haircutting.

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The Contemporary

This class will present different Salon Contemporary styles that are modern and wearable, created by using multiple fundamental cutting patterns that are adapted and modified to suit your creative needs. Based on the Mekka Fundamentals & advanced fundamentals program.

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Mekka intensive program

Two amazing weeks of Mekka education with Kathy Simon herself!

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The advanced program

Are you looking to master intricate technical shapes and learn how to control graduation with more ease and accuracy ?

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The creatives

This program is created for both artistic and technical development resulting in bold and creative impressionistic work, through blending of Mekka fundamental shapes and various freehand applications using “Mosaic” patterns.

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Skill building program (cut & color)

This program focuses on the Fundamentals of the Mekka System with suitable patterns for Junior hairdressers who wish to further their knowledge, as well as refine their art.

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Private Focus

Pick a combo that fits your needs

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Learn how to cut and style curls without negatively affecting the texture by cutting the curl in its curly state. Learn thru the mekka’s 5 key concept how to manipulate and affect each and every type of textured hair in a way that will complement the final look.

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ALL ABOUT : Short hair

Ever felt like you’re running out of idea when it comes to short haircuts ? Ever felt like you had one or two ways of approach a short hair look and are looking to expand and master the very important world of short hair styles? Join us in this class while we look at various mekka pattern that will help us achieve a variety of short hair look each different from the other based on your own requirements or your clients needs.

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The bob. Is there none more famous and timeless then a beautifully executed bob? From mid-cheek length to just above the shoulder, Join us while we study the bob in all its facets

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ALL ABOUT : Layering long hair

This class will demystify long hair layering and showcase multiple ways of approaching it.

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Mekka Essentials

Our Mekka essentials program focuses on teaching you cutting and styling techniques that are the mainstay of your salon work, all while getting initiated to the Mekka system.

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Private Coaching with Kathy Simon

Come train privately with Kathy Simon for one, two or three days and work intensively on the aspect you want to improve

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